Sentencing was held in Middle District Court in Williamsport yesterday for a city man who was found with a firearm who was not allowed to possess following a shooting incident outside a former city bar in February of 2015.  34 year old Robert Cormier was involved in the shooting incident outside of the former Fifth Avenue Tavern.  No one was hurt but it was found that Cornier had a handgun which he was not allowed to possess due to being a convicted felon. He pleaded guilty to that charge in March and under sentencing guidelines through a special law which provides for enhanced penalties he was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison.


More flooding struck the area yesterday as another round of heavy rains hit in the afternoon.  Swollen creeks and streams in Montour and Northumberland County spilled their banks following yesterday’s rain which dumped 2 to three inches following Sunday nights rains which dumped a couple of inches.  Flooding was reported at Knoebel’s Grove in Northumberland County as the creeks spilled their banks there causing officials to shut the park down early.  There were some roads closed near Danville in Montour County and at one point a tornado warning was issued though it’s not believed that any tornadoes touched own in our area.


Though no arrests have been made as of yet, and the investigation continues into a woman who went missing in 1989, Sunbury City Council last night approved payment of a; bill to repair a home in Milton which was dug up last month during the investigation.  The foundation of the home on North Front Street in Milton was dug op and evidence removed in the missing person and homicide case of Barbara Miller. The cost to repair the home was more than $13,600 dollars which will be paid for by the city of Sunbury as the city police investigation continues. 


Old Lycoming Township police are looking for a mother and son whose last known address was in Blossburg.  Police say that 47 year old Robyne Sautner and her 29 year old son Christopher were involved in an incident in the township at a gas station at the end of June and face charges of child endangerment, possession of drugs and paraphernalia and criminal use of a communications facility.  Police are asking anyone with information into their whereabouts to call them at 570-323-4987.


It’s 20 to 48 months in state prison for a 19 year old Williamsport man who entered into a plea agreement stemming from a December 2016 assault and robbery of another man in the city.  Aaron Pinkney is accusing of taking $400 dollars and causing fractures to the jaw and eye of Brayden Lynch stemming from the incident last year. Pinckney who originally faces more serious charges pleaded guilty to simple assault and other lesser counts.   He will also have to pay the $400 back as well as some $4,000 in restitution.


Two other area hard hit by flooding Sunday night into yesterday were a section of Bradford County and Southern Northumberland County.  High waters struck in Windham Township near Rome last night causing bridges to wash out and roads to buckle. Some families had to be rescued from their homes as high water surrounded them.  High water on the Mahantago Creek near Dalmatia buckled bridges and causes some roads to wash out there.  There are still some roadways which are closed in that area of Lower Mahanoy Township this morning.  Crews are on the scene to assess the damage.


With the number of wildfires in the Western United States continuing to increase, help has been sent in from all over the country.  8 area firefighters connected with the state Department of Conservation and Nature Resources District 16 in the Bureau of Forestry have been sent out west o fight the flames.  It is unknown as the where exactly the local firefighters were dispatched.  There are large wildfires in Idaho, Montana and California. The specially trained firefighters are expected to be there for about two weeks.


No deal in sigh in Harrisburg on bridging a nearly $2 billion dollar gap to fund the state budget.  Legislators were in closed door meetings over the weekend trying to come to some type of agreement.  Republicans do not want to have to raise taxes, but a plan floated by State House Speaker Mike Turzai which would combine borrowing and using funds from off –budget programs was stopped in its tracks when an agreement could not be made. Legislators were sent home and they will be back at it this week to try and come up with a plan.